Sara Zayed is the founder of Posifitivy (poz-i-FIT-i-vee). She graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Rutgers University in 2016, but was always drawn to health and fitness, taking a variety of science classes, exercising regularly, and exploring nutrition. She started Posifitivy on Instagram in 2015, and while working full-time as an engineer after graduating, acquired the Plant-Based Nutrition certificate from Cornell University and became an ACSM certified personal trainer. She is also an attendee of the Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference and has run eight half-marathons. Most recently, she has returned to school to complete pre-medical courses in pursuit of a career in medicine. 

Sara strongly believes in preventative care, and that doctors are uniquely positioned to affect change at the most basic level: health. Accessibility is core to Posifitivy's message, because the mission to spread awareness of plant-based nutrition (as the only diet to reverse heart disease and diabetes 2) is incomplete if it is out of reach for those at any socioeconomic stratification. She also strives to decouple physical appearance from the pursuit of good health, encouraging positive body image and self-love.

Sara is a practicing Muslim, and she firmly believes that religiosity is closely intertwined with taking care of one's health. She loves singing, poetry, literature, politics, public speaking, a good pineapple, writing, sarcastic jabs and spending time with loved ones. Follow Posifitivy on Instagram and YouTube